The Kanger Valley National Park


The Kanger Valley National Park, near Jagdalpur, presents an attractive slice of Chhattisgarh, replete with sudden cascades, interesting birds and stunning landscapes.

The Kanger Valley National Park (KVNP), as it is known, is in Bastar, the true-blue tribal district of the state. Naturally, the district comes across as unique from various perspectives because of its tribal roots, not unaffected by contemporary mores.

Chhattisgarh is not about booking a tourist cab for a day tour. It is all about getting your feet dirty, downing your car windows and feeling the breeze in your face. As of now, the state is still virgin territory, untouched and unexplored. Get in before the crowds get wind of it!

While coming from Raipur, you will be travelling via Kondagaon to Jagdalpur. En route, you also get to see the princely township of Kanker, an interesting stopover. The journey ends with the coming into view of the city lights of Jagdalpur, headquarters of Bastar District, and the base town for a visit to KVNP.

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