Tamor Pingla Sanctuary


Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is situated at a distance of about 94 km from Ambikapur, located in Surjuga District bordering with Uttar Pradesh. The prominent features of it are the Tamor Hill and the Pingla Nalla (stream). In 2011 the sanctuary was notified by Chhattisgarh government as a part of Sarguja Jashpur elephant reserve.

It is named after the old and prominent features of the area, the Tamor Hill and Pingla Nalla. The boundaries of the sanctuary at is north is surrounded by the Moran River. The eastern boundary is Bonga Nalla and western boundary is Rihand River. This was notified in 1978.

Within this sanctuary a number of villages are present such as Khond, Injani, Archoka, Durgain, Kesar, Chattauli, Dhaulpur. Among these villages, the Kond river is the largest village. The Tamor Hills having an area of 250 sqkm is a table land rising sharply from the neighbouring villages of tamki, ghui, barpetia.

The area of the sanctuary is under Tamor, Khond and Pingla ranges of the Surguja – Jashpur Elephant reserve Forest Division. The fauna consists of sal, mixed and bamboo forests. The sanctuary is spread over 608.55 km2. The sanctuary is the home for elephant, tigers, leopards, bears, sambar deer, blue bulls, chital, bison, four-horned antelope, chinkara, barking deer, wild boars, wild dogs, wolves, jackals, striped hyenas, hare, cobras, nag, pythons, red jungle fowl, brown jungle fowl and green pigeon. The best time to visit it is in between november to june.
The sanctuary is situated at about 35 km(22 mi) north of Surajpur. The nearest railway station is Surajpur Railway Station. At Ramkola,a forest guest house is available.

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