Rajiv Lochan Temple


Rajiv Lochan Temple situated in Rajim, Chhattisgarh

Rajiv Lochan Temple is located at Rajim, about 45 Kms from Raipur on the bank of Mahanadi. The idol of the Lord Vishnu deity is made in beautiful black granite and decorated with stitched garments. There are beautiful carvings and sculptures within temple complex. The location of temple is 20°57’54″N 81°52’54″E.

The twelve towered columns embroidered with stone carvings are the support structures. It bears the faces of the various gods of the Hindu Mythology. The devotees from all over the globe visit the temple to offer their prayers to the Lord Vishnu. The temple is an important religious construction. In close proximity of the Rajiv Lochan Temple, there are other temples also who are dedicated to the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu like the Vamana and the Narasimha. The city is also famous for its cultural heritage and historical temples. The annual Mahotsav is held between the 16th of February and the 1st of March. The rich culture of Rajim is depicted by the various music and dance performances conducted in the fair.

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