Nehru Art Gallery


The gallery is situated at Bhilai town of durg district, 21°11’9″N 81°20’35″E. It is situated at 25 kms west of Raipur number of exhibitions take place there. A number of good exhibitions are organized there. The Civic Centre is the shopping hub of Bhilai, featuring a number of social activities and amusements. When it was initially built, it only had a two lines of stores and shops, fashioned in an L pattern. But now,the centre has undergone a number of changes with the passage of time.

There is a beautiful chariot at Civic Centre. The night time view is superb. The civic centre used to serve as a super market and the fairground in the 70s. There a number of exhibitions and book fairs being organized there. It is considered as the most popular spot for eating out or for just hanging out in the evenings.

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