Naupada Yogeshwar Temple


Naupada Yogeshwar Temple is a famous for its ancient Shiva Linga located at Patora

Naupada Yogeshwar Temple is situated at a distance of 18 km, from Nuapada Yogeswar temple at Patora is famous for its ancient Shiva Linga. It is situated at 23°15’59″N 68°49’6″E. There is beautiful temple named Yogeshwar baba temple of Lord shiva. Naupada Yogeshwar Temple is built with the help of T-series cassette company’s owner late GULSAN KUMAR and rehabilitation assistance fund and local peoples.Around the temple there are a number of different beautiful well arted statues. Left side of temple’s way will take to Lord Ram Mandir through mouth of giant which is pressed by Lord Hanuman’s foot. There is a beautiful park called Rajib Udyan.

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