Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum


Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum is one of the prime tourist attractions in Raipur. Built by Raja Mahant Ghasidas of Rajnandgaon, it was set up in 1875. It was built by a noble cause and that was to ensure that the archeological heritage is preserved well for the future generations to see and experience. If in Raipur, make sure that you visit this museum that houses many archaeological wonders. This museum stretches over a vast land of 2 hectares approximately and is said to be one of the most famous of all. The Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum is also one among the 10 oldest museums in the country. The best part about this museum that will definitely attract people who love architecture is the design of this beautiful building. It used to be a historical octagon building using a traditional British style of architecture. You will also notice that the dome of this building looks similar to a crown of the British. The Mahant Ghasidas Museum has a total of two floors and five galleries. The museum also has a beautiful and quaint library inside and these two are located in the same building. The galleries display stunning collection of many traditional kalachuri sculptures, ancient coins, carvings, inscriptions and also Buddhist bronzes, along with the many ornaments and clothes that were mostly used by the tribes of Chhattisgarh. This museum is where you should be to get a perfect insight into the history of the state and also the city’s history and also the lifestyle of the locals. Their galleries are divided into different categories and each of these galleries display things relevant to the name given. The Archeological Gallery exhibits the many artifacts of the Stone Age, whereas the Sculpture Gallery exhibits the beautifully carved idols of the different Gods and also Goddesses. The many other galleries of this museum are the Natural History Gallery, the Tribal Gallery, the Anthropology Gallery and the Ancient Arms and Armory Gallery. Art lovers are also sure to enjoy their time here since the Mahant Ghasidas Museum also displays magnificent art works, paintings and also crafts.

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