KSK Energy Ventures


KSK Energy Ventures Limited a Power Project Development Company

KSK Energy Ventures Limited is a public limited company; a subsidiary of KSK Power Venture Plc is a power project development company in India which is having the experience in developing and operating the multiple power plants.It operates in the power generation business and has long term fuel access to the various power plants.

The power projects include the different phases of operation and development,including the construction and power projects. KSK Energy Ventures focuses on the development, operation and maintaining the power plants. It supplies power through a combination of long term, medium term and short term PPAs to a number of industrial consumers and state owned entities. The current key interests of business include thermal power plants, fuel security, renewable energy and support infrastructure. The promoter company KSK energy is incorporated and registered in Mauritius, a whole subsidiary of KSK power venture plc, is listed on London Stock Exchange.

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