Jain Temple, Rajnandgaon


Jain temple in Rajnandgaon is most visited place of jain community in chhattisgarh .People from jain community  all over the India visit this place people from  hindu community also visit in large number .People  visit this  temple because  people  believe that it will bring internal peace in heir mind and life . the temple is constructed with the help of monetary  contribution from the devotee visiting this temple and the architectural design is inspired by traditional temple construction methodology it symbolize the charriot on horse which is  used to depict the sun motion amd track the time the wheel is architect as  per the konark sun temple where the people can measure the time with the  help of wheel by the shadow casting principle.

jain temple rajnandgaon

Address: Jain Temple at N H- 6 near Rajnandgaon (C. G)

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