Gupt Godavari chitrakoot chhattisgarh


Gupt Godavari is a cavern located at a distance of 19 km south of Ram Ghat. As per the legend, the Godavari River emerging as a perennial stream from the rocks deep inside this cave, flows down to another cave below and then disappears. A massive rock is seen protruding out of the ceiling which is believed to be the remains of the Demon Mayank. consists of two natural throne like rocks which are believed to be the place where Ram and his younger brother, Lakshman, held court Lord. The name is derived from the tiny stream of water flowing inside the caves, whose source remains unfathomable. Located 18km from Ram Ghat, the architectural beauty of the caves is overwhelming and makes you forget the deplorable condition of the road leading to the caves. Colorful carvings of the Trinity-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh on the entrance is fascinating. It is one of the most popular destination for photographers, adventure fanatics and experience seekers. After exploring the caves, one can take a dip at Sita Kund, take a day trip to Marpha, do the Parikrama of Kamdgiri hill or visit the Kalinjar Fort for an excursion.


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