Food of Chhattisgarh


Food  of Chattisgarh has carved a niche for itself among the food explorers. The cuisine of Chhattisgarh serves a wide range of mouth watering dishes and they are enriched with the qualities of protein, vitamins, minerals and iron. Another specialty of Chattisgarh is that the people of this state consider their guests as the representative of God. They make sure that their guests are served with the best quality food of the state.

The rich divergent culture, palate and traditions of the nation is imbibed in the soil of Chhattisgarh.

Although the savor and savory has been blending and evolving with the confluence of immigrants from the north and south; yet the essence still remains.

The major dishes and savories here are mostly made of rice and assorted ingredients. Not much of spice, a pinch of salt and mostly oil less.


Yummilicious steamed dumplings! The tastier and healthiest dish prepared in the land of Chhattisgarh. Muthia is served as breakfast in most rural regions, during the winters. Much goes in the preparation of Muthia is prepared with rice batter, made into dumplings hard boiled and seasoned with the spices and assortments available in Chhattisgarhi soil. Since it doesn’t spoil away soon without any refrigeration, it is consumed by the peasants in the noon, working on the farms. The Chhattisgarhi rural folks have a different diet routine, with either early morning heavy food or the same in the afternoon. There`s not much craze of breakfast in villages.


Aamat is considered as Bastar`s Sambhar. The delicacy is prepared with mixed vegetables, prepared with a paste of ginger and garlic (bot not often). Traditionally the dish is prepared in bamboo shoots, which is prevalent in very remote areas of Bastar till date. The land of the rice bowl is also the land of assorted fritters, dumplings and rice pancakes. Following.


The most famous and delicious of all is the BARA (a variant of south Indian Vara/Vadai) made from the fermented Urad millet or lentils. It is basically a fritter snack usually made during festivals and Mandais (village fairs). Not much oil goes in the preparation of the Bara. A little chopped chilies, fresh coriander and chopped onion (occasionally) is mixed with the Bara batter.It’s a tradition to serve the Bara in Dona (bowl prepared with dry Sal leaves) with tomato chutney. In the Bastar region it’s obligatory to serve the guests with Bara during marriage ceremony.


Bhajia! A variant of the Bhajjis popular in the south, with a little variant in preparation and ingredients. Its prepared form gram flour.  Bhajia is popular among street foodies. Available all across Chhattisgarh with a touch of south like the Mirchi Bhajji (made with chilly), the Onion Bhajji (made with onion) and the likes.But the tastier Chhattisgarhi Bhajia beats all in terms of delicacy, calorie consumption per bite and yes the flavor and the simplicity! Best served hot with tea as evening snack or a small get together.


Although Chila is not an exclusive Chhattisgarhi dish, yet it is a must in every Chhattisgarhi family, especially during winters. Chila is a pancake prepared from rice batter and occasionally with the Urad millet. It’s very easy to prepare.


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