Dudhadhari Math Raipur Mathpara Chhattisgarh


Dudhadhari sanctuary is situated close Burha Talab at Raipur Mathpara in the territory of Chhattisgarh. Mahant Shri The sanctuary was set up by Balbhadra Dasji amid his stay in Raipur. Be that as it may, the date of his Raipur stay is as yet not inaccessible. Shri Balbhadra was a passionate lover of Lord Hanuman. He used to love a stone thinking about it as Lord Hanuman himself. Dudhadhari Math is a standout amongst the most appreciated sanctuaries of Raipur and is dedicated to Lord Ram. The name of the sanctuary has been gotten from the sage Balabhadra Das. It is trusted that a dairy animals called `Surhi ‘would pour the drain on the icon. Mahantji would devour that drain as a Prasad. From that point forward, he progressed toward becoming Dudh-Aahari, which means a man who devours just drain as sustenance. That is the reason it’s called Dudhadhari Math-It is intriguing to see, delightfully engraved scenes from Ramayana on the sanctuary dividers. It is presumably Raipur’s most established sanctuary. With regards to the historical backdrop of Dudhadhari Temple, there is still no appropriate proof of its development’s date. Notwithstanding, it is trusted that the sanctuary was built by King Jait singh amid the seventeenth century. The old sanctuary has religious significance as well as the engineering significance. The dazzling wall paintings and many-sided carvings of the sanctuary draw in numerous guests. According to a fables, Lord Ram had remained at this place amid his outcast period. Dudhadhari Math or sanctuary got its name from its unique originator Balbhadra Mahant who was a Dudha-Aahari

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