Bhand Dewal Temple


Bhand Dewal Temple a famous temple located in Arang, Chhattisgarh

Bhand Dewal Temple is situated at Arang, at 38 km from the town of Raipur. A well noted piece distinguished piece of Jain architecture style, which at present is in dilapidated condition. Bhand Dewal Temple was built in the medieval period. It is built in the Bhumija style in the late 11th century, it is a five – storeyed temple with six offsets. On the wall there are two bands of sculptures, it interprets the Bhumija mode in the regional Kalchuri style. This jain temple is in Panchratha style, it enshrines the images of Ajitanatha, Neminatha and Sreyamsa. It is one of the most ancient temples. The attraction of the temple is the three black stone carved and polished huge images of nude tirthankaras are deified in the sanctum sanctorium. Originally, the temple faces west, when it was built a mandapa and a porch also existed as part of the temple. The plastering and the whitewashing of the damaged front end of the temple has been done. The brick and the mortar has been used in the north-east and south-east faces of the temple tower.

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