Barnawapara Wildlife Reserve – Virgin Woods of Chhattisgarh


Barnawapara. This little untamed life haven covering a territory of 245 sq km in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh is known for its lavish green timberland cover and a sizeable population of the common Leopard. It is the state’s second most famous untamed wildlife sanctuary , set up in 1976 under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

The thick vegetation here for the most part contains Teak, Sal and Bamboo, and backings differing untamed life, for example, Tigers, Sloth Bears, Jackals, Leopards, four-horned Antelopes, striped Hyenas, Chinkara, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Gaur, and Bison. The haven does not have any inhabitant Tiger populaction, but rather there is a nearness of Tigers as they move starting with one woods one forest patch to another in the state. The absence of this best predator has made room for the Leopard to flourish at the highest point of the evolved way of life of this haven.

Sightseers result in these present circumstances backwoods generally to recognize the regular Leopard, which is more tricky and harder to spot than the Tiger in most different woodlands, however here. The scene is a blend of level and bumpy territory, and offers beautiful perspectives of rivulets and streams streaming down the moving slopes into the level grounds to make water bodies that draw in an expansive number of fledgling species. It is conceivable to see a few types of Parrots and Parakeets, White-rumped Vultures, Green Avadavats, Lesser Kestrels, Peafowls, Woodpeckers and Racket-followed Drongos.

The site of bamboo shoots and tall sal trees influencing as one with the breeze, combined with the hints of the woodlands, water streaming over stones, creepy crawlies, amphibians and frogs croaking out of sight, and pleasant flying creatures shouting to each other; this is the experience that you will have on a stumble into this timberland at any given time.

On the off chance that Rudyard Kipling needed to compose Jungle Book once more, he could without much of a stretch utilize Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary as the plot of his story. The place that is known for virgin wood, where natural life is as yet unexplored and unperturbed by sightseers, Barnawapara in the green state Chhattisgarh is genuinely a place that one must not pass up a great opportunity for! At Barnawapara Wildlife Reserve life has its own pace, and the tik-tok of the clock appears to simply vanish and every one of the one recollects is the enchantment of nature’s excellence. The ideal light, entrancing foundations and the presence of an assortment of superb creatures make this haven an ideal place for photography too. Barnawapara natural life hold is a perfect escape from the clamors of the solid wilderness; it is absolutely one of those exceptional spots that touch your heart.

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