Arang Jain temple raipur chhattisgarh


Arang has many Jain and Hindu temples that are dated to the 9th to 11th centuries. Archaeological excavations carried out in the town has confirmed the town’s ancient history as a Hindu and Jain religious centre, which prospered under the rule of Hindu kings. The ancient temples in Arang, which are tourist attractions are: the Baghdeval temple, the Bhanda Dewal temple, the Mahamaya temple, the Danteshwari temple, the Chandi Maheshwari temple, the Panchmukhi Mahadev temple, and the Panchmukhi Hanuman temple. Of these, the Bhand Dewal temple and Bagh Deval temple are particularly ancient and well-known.

Bhand Dewal temple :

Bhand Dewal temple, a Jain temple dated to the late eleventh century, is in the Mahakosala area of Arang. he sanctuary faces west and is in rundown condition. Before, a mandapa (an open air structure) and a patio most likely existed as a major aspect of the sanctuary. The harmed front sash of the sanctuary tower has been put with no design, and furthermore white washed. The north-east and south-east faces of the sanctuary tower, which were likewise bedraggled, have been revamped in block and concrete, however in an unrefined mold. Nonetheless, the general perspective of the pinnacle is as yet satisfying. At some stage, this sanctuary was utilized as a review stamping station. As there was a propensity for the upper portion of the pinnacle to basically blast by its creases, a metal tie propping has been twisted round the pinnacle at the center area to give it dependability. A comparative tie has been twisted round at the highest point of the pinnacle. An expansive number of pictures cut on the outside and inside appearances of the sanctuary. The greater pictures are cut in two lines. Over the lines of greater pictures, a column of carvings of littler pictures have been etched. At the base of the bigger pictures is a column of profoundly improved delineation of engraving boards, blossoms and a regal walk of ponies, creatures and people. The outside countenances of the sanctuary have been adorned with cut pictures.

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